The unprecedented global growth in demand for vegan and plant-based products is attracting billions in fresh investment globally from a wide range of backers. 

As a result, the sector is increasingly becoming a boardroom topic among investors with further international credibility to plant-based investment thanks to Beyond Meat’s amazing IPO success.

Never before has the link between climate change and the way we use our land been so clear, demonstrated again recently in the recent high profile special report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) on climate change and land

The report, released earlier this month, raises awareness that 33 percent of arable land is devoted to crops to feed farm animals and of the threats and opportunities posed by climate change to the land we live on and which feeds us.

Our last chance to make a difference

A global reduction in meat consumption by transitioning to a plant-based diet would be a significant part of the solution, prompting investors to re-think their support of animal agriculture and instead make the move to investment in the plant-based space. 

Scandinavia is a hotbed of plant-based innovation; home to some of the most well-established plant-based brands, such as Scandinavia’s oldest brand Astrid Och Aporna, as well as for some of the fastest-growing success stories such as Oatly, Swedish Temptations, and Food For Progress.

It is also home to our own fast-growing plant-based company group Kale United – and we are playing our part by creating a growth and investment hub for plant-based businesses. 

Working together with like-minded people to help the best ideas flourish, Kale United has so far invested in 16 businesses – including Ocean Hugger Foods, Swedish Temptations and the exciting re-launch of Astrid Och Aporna – with several other exciting deals in the pipeline. 

Through our ground-breaking structure, Kale United shareholders already own stakes in these innovative global brands.

An opportunity like no other

Investment in Kale United is open to all, offering all those interested in the support of a plant-based future an avenue to do just that. 

Early investor in Kale United, Gunnar Kreitz, a long-time vegan (since 1998), one of the first 10 employees at Spotify and a co-founder of, explains why he invested in our journey:

“Having been a vegan for 20+ years, I’ve seen the tremendous progress we’ve made – from having to go to speciality stores to get flavourless textured soy protein to today’s near-ubiquitous availability of amazing vegan products in everyday stores. 

It is now easier than ever to be a vegan, and with that ease, I think we’re now at a point where we’ll see a very rapid growth in demand for vegan products, as more and more people will make the right choice, for themselves, for the animals, and for the planet. With an increased market, and rapid product development, I think this is a space where we’ll continue to see a lot of progress over the coming years.

Today, it is relatively difficult to invest based on this thesis, at least I haven’t been able to find many publicly traded companies focused on this space. Thus, I was happy with the opportunity to invest in Kale United, as I saw this as a great opportunity to invest in this growing market. 

Kale United is a company I’d love to see succeed, with its focus on making life easy for both plant-based companies and investors. I also like the investments Kale United have made so far, such as Bärta and Astrid & Aporna (I love some of their products, and was really happy to see the company given another chance).”

As we continue our journey towards an IPO, our latest funding round invites investors to help to expand the portfolio so that more exciting plant-based companies can flourish. 

So far this funding round has smashed our expectations and is proving hugely popular. We know this is because we are uniting a community that believes in a better future with brands who are striving to make this a reality. 

Further support is urgently required to help this global movement for change stay true to its roots. 

The future is plant-based Know the facts. Take action. Each individual has a choice and can make a difference.