The company run by successful tech entrepreneur turned investor, Måns Ullerstam, will also be a founding member on the new investment platform.

Last week Vevolution announced the launch of Pitch & Plant, a global investment competition looking for the world’s most exciting plant-based and cell-based startups. 

Today Vevolution are delighted to reveal that leading Scandinavian investor Kale United, founded by Måns Ullerstam, will join the group of leading plant based investors in backing plant-based and cell-based startups through Pitch & Plant this December.

Ullerstam has been an active investor in plant-based business since forming the crowdfunded plant-based company group, Kale United, back in 2018 and has positions in many of the most innovative startups currently emerging. Kale United also helps companies with product distribution in Scandinavia.

The addition of Ullerstam to the investor line-up means that there is now a minimum of £120,000 ( $155,000) on offer through Pitch & Plant this December. And the likelihood is that the investment pitch competition will see greater sums being invested.

Startups from across the globe can apply at:

Pitch & Plant Investor Line-Up

  • Michiel van Deursen – Capital V and a partner in Vevolution
  • Simi Valecha Johnson and Cliff Johnson – Veg Capital 
  • Sebastiano Cossia Castiglioni and Miray Zaki – Dismatrix  
  • Willem Blom – Plantbase
  • Silla and Maarten Scheepens – S2 Capital 
  • Måns Ullerstam – Kale United

Founding Member Of The New Vevolution Platform:
This Autumn Vevolution, will be launching a new platform designed to serve as a home for all plant based innovators. One of the key parts of this platform is the technology to enable investors to find great startups to invest in and manage their investment opportunities. 

Kale United will be one of the Founding Members of this platform when it launches later this year. 

Speaking about his involvement with Vevolution Ullerstam added:
“We have supported Vevolution from day one and have previously participated in their live events. We see this as a great evolution of Vevolution and the next natural step. Due to our involvement in plant-based distribution, we believe we can bring valuable knowledge to the table regarding scaling and exports. And on top of that we can offer distribution across all of Scandinavia to the participants.”

Michiel van Deursen, a partner in Vevolution and a leading plant-based investor added:
“Having Måns with Kale United on board for this competition and platform is very exciting. Right now at Vevolution we are starting to speak to leading investors and in the coming months you can expect more investors to join Kale United on the platform. With this platform they will be able to find deaflow, build relationships with startups and find like-minded people to co-invest alongside. All with the goal of accelerating the plant-based and cell-based businesses creating solutions for a better world.

To us the addition of Kale United to Pitch & Plant 2020, is another indicator of the excitement building around this year’s competition. And it represents a great opportunity for startups to gain access to Scandinavia through Kale United’s distribution company.”


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The Home Of Plant Based Innovators.

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Vevolution is the home of plant-based innovators creating solutions for a better world.

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Created in 2016 Vevolution has built a community of startups and investors and people coming together to change the world.

In 2020 Vevolution partnered with former tech entrepreneur and leading plant based investor Michiel van Deursen to build a new technology platform for plant based innovators. This platform combines Michiel’s vision and experience as an investor and entrepreneur with the Vevolution name and community. 

The new Vevolution platform will launch fully in November 2020. 

People can apply to Pitch & Plant 2020 at  

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Damien Clarkson
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Interviews can be arranged with Damien Clarkson and Judy Nadel Vevolution Co-Founders and Michiel van Deursen, Partner in Vevolution, Founder of Capital V where he invests in leading plant-based startups.