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Here you can find information and a few key numbers about Kale United’s shares and portfolio.

As of July 11 2020

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Our Portfolio

If you want to look at our private holdings, please look at our Portfolio. If you want to see what shares we have in the public portfolio, please look at our Kale Index

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Portfolio valuation: 111% increase

The valuation of the private portfolio of Kale United has increased with 111% since launch. This is mostly due to our successful acquisition of Astrid och Aporna. Our public portfolio has increased with 55%.

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Share Price: €10.90 (113 SEK)

The current share price of €10.90 is based on the trade window in July 2020. The share price has been on a constant incline since The launch of Kale United, from €7.90 in Jan 2019.

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Valuation: €2.18 million

Our current valuation is €2.18 million, with 200,000 shares trading at the price of €10.90. This valuation is based on the trade window in July 2020.

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About one third is owned by Kale Invest AB (Måns Ullerstam) and one third is owned by 16 other companies and individuals. The rest is owned by the remaining 383 shareholders.

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Total Capital Raised: €1.34 million

Over the different funding rounds so far, Kale United has raised a total of €1.34 million including the funding round in April 2020.

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Buying or selling shares

Since Kale United is a private company, you cannot trade our shares on a public platform. However you can buy or sell shares as long as you follow the shareholder’s agreement. If you are interested in buying or selling shares, please contact with your request.

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Investing in Kale United

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