About Us

Founded by an experienced entrepreneur and supported by a global network of expert advisors, we are a dedicated team with a vision to create a plant-based world.

Our Passionate Team

We are committed to creating a global ecosystem for plant-based businesses to flourish.


Måns Ullerstam

Måns is an entrepreneur and experienced investor. For his latest venture, Resolution Games, he raised US$6 million from prominent investors such as Google Ventures. As well as corporate roles heading US$100 million Swedish telco Rebtel, he also founded Neutral World: a carbon footprint comparison shopping site. Måns is a Climate Leader, trained by the former Vice President Al Gore as part of his non-profit organisation, Climate Reality, and is passionate about supporting and investing in the plant-based movement. Måns is a vegan since 2015.

Industry Advisor

Tobias Leenaert

Tobias is deeply embedded in the plant-based industry, driving positive change in the world. He is a blogger at veganstrategist.org, author of How to Create a Vegan World: A Pragmatic Approach and co-founder at The Center for Effective Vegan Advocacy (CEVA), and ProVeg International.

Health and Science Advisor

David Stenholtz

As well as working full-time as an oncologist, David is also the founder and chairman of Doctors For The Future. The organisation’s aim is to make people more aware of how dietary choices affect health and disease development, and how a plant-based diet can greatly improve health and quality of life.

Behind the Logo and Brand

Our logo reflects our ambition to evolve into a trusted stamp of approval for plant-based businesses and consumers. Agile, dynamic and innovative, we are a multifaceted company with a unique proposition. We will become an authority in the plant-based community, help the best plant-based brands succeed in the mainstream, and drive value for our stakeholders.

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