The future is

Kale United is a Swedish company creating a global ecosystem for plant-based businesses to flourish

Crowdfunding successful!

We have just completed our first crowdfunding round. Thanks to 164 investors we have raised the capital needed for the next step.

Support ethical growth

Our mission is to increase the global availability and awareness of plant-based products.

We provide our member companies with services that help them grow, and become a long-term stakeholder in selected businesses.

We unite a community that believes in a better future with the plant-based brands that are making this a reality.

By joining this unique community, you can become a stakeholder in our journey and grow with us.

An unprecedented growth industry

From food to agriculture, health, beauty, technology, publishing, and more, the world is seeing unprecedented growth in ethical, healthy and sustainable plant-based businesses.

There are so many brilliant ideas out there. There is so much still to come.

The Ecosystem

We seek out and incorporate the best plant-based brands, consolidating and accelerating this fast-growing global market.

Through our ground-breaking network, we help our members find the right partners for sales/distribution, financing, marketing/PR, legal/HR and more.

We fill the support gap by creating an ecosystem for our member companies – providing cross pollination, synergies and services that empower their growth.


kale united member

Euphebe Healthcare

Plant based program for feeling great

kale united member


Your true nature

live kindly


It’s cool to be kind


Making Breakfast Better

kale united member

Gunna Drinks

The craft soft drink with less sugar and more character


Eliminating waste in farming

kale united member


Smoothies 2.0 – Making Healthy Easy

kale united member

Taku Taku

Slow-cooked fast food vegan street food

Areas of Interest


Plant-based companies creating sustainable options for the food, agricultural and restaurant industries


Plant-based companies active within the health, beauty and online services and media


Companies for a sustainable future, i.e. faux leather, recycling, renewable energy and alternatives to plastics

How it works

The plant-based industry

Strong global growth that is also ethical

Join Kale United

A community of stakeholders on a mission

Member Companies

Exciting plant-based brands to support


Simple, transparent Kale United running costs

Company Growth

Success for our brands, value for our stakeholders

What People are saying about us


Nadja Pinnavaia, Ph.D.

“We chose to be part of Kale United to have a partner in Scandinavia. Måns and his team are pioneering a unique ecosystem and we are benefitting from their extensive network. It’s a fantastic concept to support plant-based businesses”


Jodi Monelle

“Kale United was the perfect match for our online plant-based publishing company. The Kale United project is focused on harnessing and uniting the ever growing plant-based community to change the world for the better – in complete alignment with our goals”

Our Passionate Team

We are a growing team committed to driving positive change in the world.


Måns Ullerstam

Måns is an entrepreneur, experienced investor and vegan who is passionate about supporting and investing in the plant-based movement.

Working With

A network of plant-based investors all over the world who identify interesting startups, invest together and have a joint due diligence process.

Building a global network of investors who are focused and engaged on the risks and opportunities linked to intensive livestock production.

A non-profit organisation helping startups in the plant-based space to accelerate their growth with an incubator in Berlin, Germany.