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Astrid Och Aporna

Sweden’s most well-established vegan food brand. Founded in 2006, Astrid Och Aporna is a well-known vegan food brand in Scandinavian markets, celebrated for its tasty and innovative products.

Ocean Hugger Foods

Ocean Hugger Foods™ offers healthy, delicious and sustainable plant-based alternatives to your favorite seafood dishes. Created by one of America’s top chefs, Certified Master Chef James Corwell.


The latest vegan news, plant based recipes and resource topics on sustainable and compassionate living across the globe. The natural home for informative and thought-provoking content, focusing on sustainable and compassionate living.

Swedish Temptations

Bärta is a sprouted and fermented Swedish split pea. Organic, vegan, gluten free. So far you can find Bärta in a few selected stores in Sweden.

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Måns Ullerstam

Måns is an entrepreneur, experienced investor and vegan who is passionate about supporting and investing in the plant-based movement.